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Save the Date Do’s & Don’ts

Planning an event is so stressful, isn’t it? There are so many social rules to navigate, not to mention all the tiny details that you never even thought about before planning an event of this magnitude. We’re here to help with a few tips to streamline your save the date magnet planning process a bit.

Do include your wedding website
We can’t recommend this enough! It will help you avoid tons of phone calls, texts, and emails from guests all wondering the same things (“Where should we stay?” “Is there registry information?” “What else is around for us to do?”). This is a great place to unload all that extra information that you may not want to overwhelm your stationery with.

You don’t need to write “https://” on anything that’s printed. It’s unnecessary, and it makes your design look cluttered and a little sloppy.

Do send out your save the dates in a timely manner
Save the dates should go out 6-9 months before your big day; 9-12 months before a destination event. Your guests need time to mark their calendars and make arrangements.

Don’t worry about sending them if you’re 3 months out and haven’t even thought about save the dates. At that point, just focus on your invitations (maybe send those a little earlier than the recommended timeframe!)

Do be as clear as possible about who is invited
This will save you tons of time in awkward phone calls (“Is your second cousin’s new boyfriend invited?” “Are kids allowed?”). The best way to do this is by addressing your envelopes the correct way. If your guest can bring a guest, address the envelope to reflect that. Adding “and Guest” to your guest’s name is great, but if you know who they will be bringing, list their name too. If children are invited, you can list each child individually on the line under their parents, or you can simply add “and Family”.

Don’t forget that children over the age of 18 should receive their own mailing, even if they still live with their parents.

The biggest Do, by far, is to take a deep breath, relax, and try not to stress too much. You’re planning a fun event! There is always someone that wants to help with the planning process.


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