Save The Date Magnets Information To Include And Exclude

Save the Date Magnets Information to Exclude

Save the Date Magnets – Tips From Experts


Save the dates are still relatively new as far as event stationery goes, so there aren’t as many fixed rules for their structure. However, we’ve been designing save the dates for quite a while, and have encountered many people that have tried to include too much information on their magnets, and even some people that haven’t included enough. Here’s a general idea of what should and should not be included on your save the date magnets:


Include your names

We know this sounds obvious, but it has happened! More often than not, it’s someone who has included a photo and then a line like “We’re getting married!”, which is great for your guests who see you often enough to know what you look like, but think about your distant family, or your parents’ friends. We definitely recommend to at least list your first names, but last names are especially helpful!


Leave off the accommodations

You may be trying to help make it easier for your guests to book their stay, but what ends up happening is the text on your magnet has to get smaller in order to include it, which makes your details harder to read. We say keep it simple, and list your accommodations on your website. Which brings us to…

Include your website!

This is the best possible way for your guests to get information. You can list accommodations, things to do, your registry information, attire requests—the options are endless.


Leave off your registry information

According to etiquette, it is considered improper to print your registry information anywhere (that includes your wedding invitation!) Of course your guests want to know where you are registered, so this is another piece of information that is great for your website.


Include the date & location (city and state)

Yes, another one that seems obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many times we have seen it. Some folks are so excited to get the word out that they want to send save the dates before booking a venue. Others have just forgotten that the location is important for any guests that may be coming from out of town. Either way, these are both vital bits of information to share with your guests, so they belong on your save the date.


Leave off the time & venue/address

These are crucial details for your invitation but can be skipped on your save the date.

Of course, these are just our suggestions. If you think your guests need more or less information than we’ve recommended, include that information by all means. Every event has its own unique challenges and you, as the planner, know best how to avoid them.



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