Wooden Save the Date Magnets

Wooden Save The Date Magnets

REAL wood save the date magnets are available now. Shop wooden magnet styles now and personalize text for your wedding, birthday, or graduation. Wood magnets are printed on birch veneer so each magnet will have unique coloring and grain lines.

Wood + Save the Date Magnets = AWESOME!

Wooden magnets combine the beauty of natural birch wood, professional printing, and a strong magnetic backer for superior hold. Wooden magnets have unique coloring and grain lines with a natural radiance that is one-of-a-kind.

Yes… it’s real wood

Birch veneer is used to create these gorgeous save the dates. Each piece of wood has warm golden hues and wavy grain patterns that are stunning and unusual. Birch veneer comes from a tree, not a printer, so each magnet in your order will have a unique, natural beauty that is one-of-a-kind.