Save the Date Magnets Our Favorite Trends

Save The Date Hot Trends And Styles For 20191

Your save the date magnets will likely be the first chance to showcase the theme of your wedding to your guests. It’s so important to make a great impression to get your guests excited about celebrating your big day! A save the date is a fantastic place to introduce your wedding colors, fonts, and style.

Here are a few of our favorite trends in save the date magnets recently:


Edge- to- edge photos

We love when a photo covers the whole magnet. What better way to show off those gorgeous engagement photos?! Just be sure to choose a photo that has some negative space so there’s a place for your names, date, and location to go.



Everybody has a few people on their guest list that aren’t great with dates. When you have a calendar showing your wedding month, with your wedding date specifically marked, it will make it that much easier for your guests to remember. Especially since they’ll likely pass by it every day on their way to grab a snack!


Loose, handwritten script

Let’s be real, script is always in style. But right now, we’re really loving the easygoing vibes from fonts like Adelicia and Emily Lime. Although the initial impression of these fonts is a bit more casual, pairing them with a formal block font will help to make your save the date feel elegant and timeless.


Trends are always changing, but what is most important to us is that you’re happy with your save the date magnet and that it is the best representation of your event.




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