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Magnet or Card for Your Save the Date?

A save the date should be sent out for any major event; and the host of that event gets to decide on all the little details. One of those little details happens to be whether to send out a save the date magnet or a save the date card. In recent years, save the date magnets have become increasingly popular; this likely due to the many advantages of a magnet over a card.

Magnets are functional

Guests can use them to hold up other information about your event, or even their grocery list! It’s likely that your save the date will end up on the fridge either way, but this way, your save the date will stick to the fridge (and stay there!) all on its own.

They’re convenient

Your save the date will go right on the fridge; bypassing the usual shuffle of papers and mail. And seeing your magnet on the fridge every day will ingrain your date in your guests’ minds and remind them to book flights and accommodations if necessary.

There’s no downside!

We print our save the date magnets on the same cardstock that we print save the date cards on, then attach it to magnets, so you’ll get the same quality, design options, and customization possibilities as you would with a save the date card. Even better—additional postage is not required with our Classic size and smaller magnets.

No matter which you decide on, we’re happy to help you design your save the date and all future event stationery. All of our products are of superior quality and we are sure you’ll be happy with your choice.


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