Calendar Collage Nb Classic Size
Calendar Collage Nb Classic Size
Calendar Collage Nb 2 Save The Date Magnet Classic And Petite Size
Calendar Collage Nb 3 Refrigerator Save The Date Magnets
Calendar Collage Nb 4 Petite Size Magnet
Calendar Collage Nb 5 Save The Date With Optional Color Envelope
Calendar Collage Nb 6 Wedding Save The Date Magnets
Calendar Collage Nb 7 Wedding Save The Date Magnets
Save the Date Magnet Color Guide

Calendar Collage

Save the Date Magnet

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The Calendar Collage save the date magnets are printed on luxurious card stock with a high-quality, thick magnetic backer. Envelopes are included.

Magnet Design Color
  • White or ivory envelopes are included. Additional colors are available. Matte $.15 each, shimmer $.20 each. Learn more...
    Envelope addressing and colorful liners are available. Learn more...
    • .25 $
    • $
    • .25 $
    • $
    • .25 $
    • $
    • .25 $
    • $
    The font will be formatted to match your design. Learn more...
    Upload your spreadsheet below or e-mail it later. Learn more...
    • (max file size 128 MB) $
    Matte, $.75, Shimmer, $.90, Glitter, $1.25. Installed in selected envelope color. More...

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