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What is the Proper Way to Stuff Your Invitation Envelope?

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When planning your wedding you'll soon discover that there is a "proper" way to do just about everything. Lately, we've been getting a lot of brides coming in the store and asking about the proper way to stuff an invitation envelope.  Yes, there is etiquette for this too! So, here is a little "how to" from us to you! 

1). Start with the invitation, face up.

2). Place the reception card, face up, on top of the invitation.

3.) Place the response card, face up, underneath the flap of the response envelope and stack on top of the reception card.

4).  The direction card, accomadations card, or any other additional pieces will be stacked on top of the response set.

5). Place your invitation "stack", face up, inside the inner envelope.  This way the print is visible when you open the envelope flap. You will NOT seal the inner envelope.

6.) Stuff the inner envelope inside of the outer envelope.  The seals of both the inner envelope and the outer envelope should face the same direction.

*Remember: The inner envelope has the envelope liner and is addressed with the names of the people you intend to invite- "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (the mailing address is not included on the inner envelope).  The outer envelope has both your return address and the guest names and mailing address.

One of the beauties of this modern age is that it is becoming more and more acceptable for couples to develop their own unique ways to execute many wedding traditions.  What really matters is that you do what feels right and makes you happy!

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