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Unique Ways To Cut The....

Whether it is wedding cake, cupcakes, doughnuts or pies, cutting "the cake" is a tradition many brides and grooms love. The joint task of the bride and groom cutting the cake is to symbolize their first task in married life. Make this tradition unique and cut your "cake" with a prop to match your wedding theme. Here are a few creative (and kind of crazy) ideas:

Outdoor: if your wedding is a little bit rustic and among the trees use an axe to cut your cake
Garden: really get into the garden theme wedding and use various garden tools for your cake
Military or Navy: if your husband is in the military or navy, cut your cake using his sword
Doctor: break out a scalpel to cut your first piece of cake
Teacher: bring our your inner teacher and cut your cake with a ruler
Musician: use drum sticks or bows (make sure they are old) to cut your first piece of cake 
Adventurist:  if you both love the outdoors think about using something from your favorite activity such as a kayak blade or an ice axe.

There are lots of fun ideas and ways to be creative. Some of these ideas are a little bit more "out there" than others, but the idea is to make the tradition about both of you as a couple. Have fun!


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