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Easy DIY Cupcake (or Drink) Flags


While browsing online I came across a darling website (Sarah Hearts) with access to a easy and free template for cupcake or drink flags. I have wanted to make some flags for a while now and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. With a couple of parties in the near future, these are a great additional detail!

What you will need:

Paper (white or color)
Toothpicks or straws
Double sided tape

To begin: download the template from here. Enter in your information in the word document. You could do the couples name or date, the cupcake names, or a fun saying. Once you are done, hit print. The page with print with a very slight grey border. Next take either a straight edge & x-acto blade or scissors and cut out the rows along the grey border. Place double sided tape on the strips of paper and wrap the paper around the toothpick or straw. Using scissors cut out a triangle on the end. Easy right?


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