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Remember when we did a little DIY project using Epsom salt? Well here is another one we through would be amazing for wedding centerpieces. This project by Amanda uses blue and green food coloring for a more winter look to the jars but feel free to incorporate your own wedding colors.  Who would have thought Epsom salt could be used for so many things?

Here is what you will need to begin:

Empty jars
Epsom salt
Food coloring
Paper plates
3 bowls
Mod Podge
Clear gloss sealer

Start by pouring 1 cup of Epsom salt into each of the bowls. Taking the food coloring add one drop of each color into the separate bowls. Mix until the food coloring has spread out evenly. Pour out the colored Epsom salt onto individual paper plates. Shake back and forth gently to spread out the salt evenly. Next take your first jar and with a paint brush cover the jar with Mod Podge. Taking your jar while it is still wet, roll the jar in the desired color of Epsom salt. Once the jar is completely covered, stand the jar upright. Add some additional Mod Podge to the top of the lip of the jar and (using your hands) sprinkle salt onto the lip.

Repeat this for all your jars in the various colors. It is important to let the jars dry fully, which can take a couple of hours. Once the jars are all dry take a clean paintbrush to remove any salt that fell inside the jar or any excess salt on the outside.  Finally spray with a clear gloss sealer and let dry for 20 minutes. For the best results use 3 coats of the gloss sealer on each jar. Enjoy!

Pictures and tutorial by Amanda

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