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  • Website Re-Design - Create Your Wedding Invitations Online - Part 1

    Website Re-Design - View the new pages and design your own save the date magnet online.

    Welcome! The New and Blue blog has been MIA for a while and it’s time to dust off the Wordpress login page and get writing. The last few months have been very busy and I thought I should share what the heck we’ve been up to through a series of posts. Let’s get started…

    First, and foremost, we just re-launched three of our web sites! We redesigned them from the ground up.  I’m not talking about new banners on the home page and a few new buttons here and there. We actually took a wrecking ball to the old sites, crushed them, and started again on a new platform (Magento).  Magento is an amazing system in terms of capability and growth but it also has many frustrating aspects and the learning curve was brutal. I won’t bore you with the details in this post but I would advise against using Magento unless you have serious web design experience or enjoy solving riddles wrapped up in enigmas.

    Our sites: - Wedding Invitations - Save the Date Magnets - Save the Date Cards

    The number one reason for building our new site was because we had taken so many phone calls from brides and grooms who said, “I want to see my design before I buy it”.  Again and again we answered this phone call. We explained that our team would create a design for them and e-mail a beautiful, perfectly aligned, PDF within two days. Unfortunately, the most common reply was a simple, “thanks anyway”. In some cases we got extremely rude comments from people who made the ladies of Bridezillas look sweet.  It was very frustrating. Didn’t they know how much time and effort we put into each design? Didn’t they know that our talented, awesome team would search through the glyph palette to find the perfect letter “B” for their name? Sadly, they didn’t. They just wanted to create it themselves. Ok. Message received loud and clear. We needed a new website that would allow them to make their own designs STAT.

    So here we are… we’ve been slaving away for months and months on our three sites and they are finally up and running. Hurray! We’ll discuss more about the details that went into creating them, including our ups and downs, in future posts, but for now, go ahead and take a look.  We’re working hard to fix the kinks so please e-mail me if you find a problem.  Also, if you’re a bride or groom and you want to design your own save the date magnet, please click here.  (We currently have over 100 magnets that can be customized with our on-line design tool.) We’re adding cool new stuff each week and our invitations will be added to the on-line design tool soon. In the meantime, feel free to search by color, budget, style or printing method and check back often to see our progress.

    Side Note -

    What is a glyph?  A glyph is an alternative letter that is available for some fonts. Below you will see the letter “B” has 4 different options. Glyphs are only accessible by using advanced design software such as Illustrator or Indesign and can’t used with on-line design tools.

  • Matching Cake & Invitation

    This lovely couple took their wedding invitation from New and Blue into their baker and had their wedding cake designed to match! So darling- had to share!

  • A Bar Mitzvah Save the Date Rap Video... Yes!

    Well I have to say this is a first! Daniel Blumen, a soon to be 13 year old, came up with a creative save the date for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Instead of mailing out cards or magnets, the family decided to do something a little more creative. They created a save the date video remake of the always popular “Welcome to Atlanta”  by Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri.

    Rapping his way throughout the city Daniel shows your some of the top monuments in Altlanta. But that's not all, he also has plenty of big star cameos. The list of stars includes Mayor Kasim Reed, Shaq, Barkley, Frank Ski, and even Ne-Yo. Pretty nice line up for a 13 year old.

    It's a must watch.

  • Your New... (Fill in the Blank)

    Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times with so much to think about, plan and book. Not to mention, all the changes that take place after the wedding too! For many couples after a wedding there are lots of new things: name, address, email...  Make life a little easier with Moo MiniCards. They are half the size of business cards but the perfect size for all your information.  Upload your own images (an engagement picture?) or designs with your new personal information. For 100 mini cards they are only $19.99. Once you receive them you can include the mini cards in your wedding thank you cards.  A great price that will save you from having to hand write all your new information.

  • Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

    Shoes are just as important as the wedding gown and veil. These days there are so many different options for brides, the most important thing is comfort. You will want to walk, dance and feel great all night long. There are many different options for wedding shoes including the hot trends of cowboy boots and ballet flats. Or if you are dying for a killer pair of tall heels, just make sure to bring a backup pair of shoes (might we suggest a wedge) to dance the night away.

    Source: SimplyBridal

  • Wedding Planning with your Groom

    According to Brides Magazine, below is a list of wedding tasks that every groom enjoys.  We think some of these will surprise you so don’t leave your groom out of the planning!

    1.  Asking his best friend to be his best man

    2.  Designing your wedding website

    3.  Working on the play-list

    4.  Picking out the appetizers

    5.  Creating a wedding micro-brew

    6.  Choosing what he’ll wear

    7.  Comparing cake flavors

    8.  Researching the honeymoon

    9.  Figuring out the map/directions cards

    10.  Going to the menu tasting

    11.  Proofreading invitations, programs, etc.

    12.  Wielding the scan gun when you register

    13.  Getting a day-before massage

    14.  Choosing your wedding day ride

    15.  Writing his vows (you’d be surprised!)

    16.  Attending the bachelor party

    17.  Unwrapping presents

    18.  Deciding on wines

    19.  Organizing pyrotechnics of any type - fireworks, sparklers, etc.

    20.  Practicing the first kiss

  • Ladies First, right?

    Addressing envelopes for a party or wedding can be tricky with so many rules to follow. But let’s highlight one very important rule. Ladies first. Yes, whether we are talking about manners or envelopes, a woman should always be first.  Right? There is a misconception that men should be listed first out of respect. When we do this however, we are separating a man from his last name. This is the first rule- never separate a man from his last name. By following this rule, addressing envelopes should be a little bit easier. Here are some common scenarios:

    Michael and Bethany Johnson

    Correction: Bethany and Michael Johnson

    Michael, Bethany, Johnny and Katie Johnson

    Correction: Bethany, Johnny, Katie and Michael Johnson

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Bethany Johnson

    Correction: Mr and Mrs. Michael Johnson

  • The Groom's List

    Today we are seeing more and more men becoming involved in the wedding planning process, and we LOVE it! As more men are growing their to-do list for the big day, there is one List they don't want to miss.  The Groom's List. The Groom's List is a comprehensive online wedding resource that provides to the point guidance for men. Everything from the proposal to tips for a healthy marriage- this site has it all.

    We just received our 2013 Oregon Groom Resource Guide and it is jam packed with checklists and discounts. Discounts from Leatherman, Game Truck and Koi Fusion are all available... just to name a few. Many wedding vendors (including us)  have these books on hand. So make sure to pick one up for your soon-to-be hubby!

  • What?! Twitch is engaged?!

    Does anyone else feel like they have been lied to? I cannot believe these two are engaged!! So You Think You Can Dance all-stars Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Allison Holker announced their engagement on Twitter yesterday. They have been dating for two and a half years- shocker, I am still not sure how I missed this? Well regardless that they forgot call me, I am so excited for these two. They are going to have one heck of a dance party at their wedding!


  • A Darling Thank You Song

    This darling groom posted his wedding speech online. Once you watch the video, you will understand why this is going viral. After admitting he is a poor public speaker, he sings his way through a list of thank you's. A cleaver and cute idea.

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