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  • The Knot Best of Weddings 2011

    We got something extra special in the mail today and are so proud to share the news with all of you! We received our The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick plaque. Thanks to all of our brides who voted for New and Blue as best wedding invitations! We are thrilled and honored to receive such a prestigious award. We want to thank all of our wonderful brides who voted for us or wrote us an amazing review on The We could not have done it without you! To see our extensive collection of wedding invitations visit New and Blue online or in our retail store.   


  • March Showers DID Bring Spring Flowers

    The rhyme actually goes April Showers bring May Flowers... but in our case the flowers got a little kick start from a fabulous florist: Liz Rusnac with Fleur:ology. This morning Liz swung by the store and dropped off some wonderful flowers for us to enjoy.

    The first arrangement is ideal for a vintage wedding full of soft colored flowers that complement each other. Liz used muted pink garden roses, blush traditional roses, soft white hydrangeas and grey green succulent.

    The second bouquet is perfect for a modern evening wedding, with dark elegant colors blended together. Liz hand tied plum hydrangeas, royal purple Japanese anemones, and grey dusty miller.

    Both bouquets are stunning and we are so lucky to have them in our boutique! Thanks Liz!! xo

  • One of Portland, Oregon's Best Photographers... John Valls

    New and Blue recently enlisted the help of John Valls, one of Portland, Oregon's best photographers to update staff photos and get new shots of our wedding boutique.  Mission accomplished!  John is fun and was able to fit right in while he captured real moments during a typical day at New and Blue.  The color of his photos is rich and vibrant and the clarity was impeccable.  His photos will start to grace New and Blue's websites soon and we wanted to thank him for his work.

    If you are looking for a photographer in the Portland, Oregon area we highly recommend visiting John's website and meeting with him.  He is definitely New and Blue approved!

  • Guarantee Fun at Your Wedding Reception

    Is your wedding ceremony going to be quick and to the point or an hour-plus affair? Either way, your patient guests deserve to have a little fun at your reception. Get the party started by incorporating one or more of these simple, super-fun games that will encourage your guests to mix, mingle and have a blast.

    Sketch-a-Guest: Write each of your guest's names at the top of a 5" x 5" square of paper. Give each guest a pen or pencil and one of the pieces of paper. They must then circulate throughout the reception hall to find the person whose name is on their paper. Once they've found their guest, they should create a sketch of him or her. Collect the sketches, and then include them in the guest book as wedding day mementos.

    Funny Photos: Not only will your guests enjoy this activity, but you can also give them a photo as a wedding favor and put another in your wedding photo album. Set up a photo station (We LOVE Paparazzi Tonight for Portland, Oregon couples) or find some blank wall space and enlist the help of a friend with a Polaroid camera. Collect tons of dress-up props such as feather boas, Mardi gras masks, funny eyeglasses, fake moustaches and beards, bow ties, wacky hats, tiaras and the like. Encourage your guests to visit the station, dress up in the props and have their photos taken.

    Guess Who: This popular cocktail party icebreaker game is also perfect for wedding receptions. Just write down the names of famous people (actors, authors, figures from history, etc.) on note cards or note card-sized paper pieces and tape one to the back of each guest as they enter the reception hall. Encourage them to circulate amongst one another, asking questions (of the yes/no variety only) until they discover whose name is on their back. You can even let the children participate; just make sure to give them people or characters they will actually know.

    Photo Scavenger Hunt: Prior to your reception, create a list of photos your guests will need to scavenge. Some suggestions include a family photo, a graduation photo, a photo of a cat, a photo of a dog, a baby, the bride and groom, etc. Place a list on each table. Once your guests are seated, explain that each table (or several tables) is a team, and each team is responsible for gathering the photos on the list. You may want to hint that you'll be playing this game in advance, as these days fewer people carry actual printed photos in their wallets. However, you could also accept photos they've stored on their cell phones.

    Crazy Words: Compile a list of words that sound crazy but aren't (such as didgeridoo) and their definitions. Print each on a slip of paper. As guests enter your reception, give each one a word and definition. The object of the game is for each guest to use his or her crazy word in conversation as many times as possible throughout the reception. The guest who utters his or her word the most times, or to the greatest number of other guests, wins the game.

    Table Topics: If you're too short on time to prepare a homemade party game, purchase a bunch of Table Topics cubes. Place one in the center of each table and encourage guests to play with them while they enjoy the reception meal. Each cube contains 25 questions to stimulate conversation. You can purchase Table Topics online at

    You may end up with a few guests who are unwilling to participate in any reception games. If they don't want to play, you certainly don't have to make them. Spreading the word that there will be games ahead of time may actually give them a chance to get over their reluctance before your big day. One thing is for sure, those who do participate will remember your wedding reception for the rest of their lives.

  • Sometimes Old is Better… Seven Things to Know Before You Purchase a Vintage Wedding Gown

    Vintage Wedding Dress

    Whether you're a hopeless romantic or eternally sentimental, enamored of the glamour of a bygone era or possessing kooky retro sensibilities, a vintage gown could fulfill your wedding dress dreams. Vintage gowns are not only well suited to brides who wish to wrap themselves in history on their wedding day, but also to those who long for something truly different from what "everyone else" is doing. If you'd like to wear vintage on your big day, here are seven things you must know before you make your purchase.

    1. Know your budget.

    When many people hear the word "vintage," they think "cheap" or "inexpensive." However, when you're talking vintage wedding gowns, this is not often the case. Authentic gowns from the 1800s to mid-1900s can run thousands of dollars. The better the condition of the gown, the higher the price tag as well. Many a bride has experienced the disappointment of falling in love with a wedding gown she cannot afford. Make sure you are not one of them. Set a firm budget for your dress, repairs and alterations before you begin to shop. 

    2. Know a tailor.

    As no two bodies are exactly alike, even brand new wedding gowns require alterations to ensure you're going to look your best. Vintage wedding gowns frequently require extensive alteration, especially if you're choosing a dress from an earlier era. The shape of women's bodies has changed over the years. In general, we've become taller, slimmer and more athletic in our proportions. If you're shopping vintage, you're going to need the services of an excellent tailor, preferably one with experience working with vintage gowns and fabrics.

    Continue reading

  • DIY Favors, Napkins, Table Runners, Pillows and More!

    Are you crafty? Do you like DIY projects? This next idea is not only a great money save, but also a wonderful way to have your wedding details remain consistent. This idea uses yards of fabric and turns it into favors, napkins, table runners, pillows and more. The ideas are endless.

    To begin you will need to stock up on fabric. Make sure to pick a fabric that will keep with the feel of your wedding. Try picking a design that is not too busy and will work on either a small favor or a large table runner. You can pick up fabric from a local fabric store or shopping online at Ikea. Ikea has a wide selection of colors and designs ranging from $2.99/yd to $9.99/yd. Once you have selected and purchased your fabric the fun begins.

    Favors: Depending on what kind of favor you will be giving your guest, you are able to incorporate the fabric as the wrapping. To begin cut the fabric down to size. The fabric pieces should always be a square shape, regardless of the shape of the favor. If you will be using a square favor, the diagonal line from corner to corner of the square should be a little more than three times the width of the box. Spread the cloth out in a diamond shape. Tie the ends of the right together and then tie the ends of the left together. The two knots of the top of the favor will resemble a little flower. For a circular favor (jar of jam) the fabric should still be cut in a square and be cut to allow for 2 inches hanging from the top of the jar. Measure out one using the top of the jar and cut the other pieces according to the sample. Place the fabric over the top of the jar and secure by tying a piece of twine around the rim of the jar.

    Napkins and Table Runners: Cut the fabric down to size for the various table sizes. Typically the width of a table runner is about 18 inches, but can be adjusted depending on how much of the table you wish to cover. Allow for the runners to hang at least 6 inches below the edge of the table. For Napkins, a standard dinner napkin is an 18 inch to 22 inch square. Depending on the size of the napkins, cut the fabric in a square to allow for various folding options. For both Napkins and Table Runners if you will want to sew a hem on all sides, make sure to cut out pieces that are 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider than the finished project. This will allow for a 1 inch hem on all sides.

    Pillow Covers: If you will be having some cocktail couches and chairs at your wedding reception, a few throw pillows are a great way to add some color. To begin cut two squares of fabric measuring 1/2 inch larger than the pillow it will be covering. Layer the two squares, one on top of the other, with the wrong-side out. Using a sewing machine or sewing by hand, sew along the edge, 1/4 inch from the sides. Do this to all three sides. Slip your pillow cover over your insert and sew the open side shut using a ladder stitch.

    And More: The options for incorporating fabric into your wedding are endless. Here are a couple more creative ideas: fabric pennants, pocket squares for the groomsmen, and wedding day flags.



  • For Japan with Love

  • Warm Winter Country Wedding

    We are so thrilled about this next post. One of our very own talented girls got married this past winter and we can't wait any longer to share these stunning photos with you. The wedding was nothing short of beautiful. The church was filled with fresh cut garlands, lining the aisle, tied up with big satin bows. The altar was filled with candlelit vintage country jars. The bride styled and designed every detail of the wedding; from the stationary to the cowboy boots it was simply amazing. Enjoy-


    Vendors: Stationary- New and Blue, Flowers-Fleur:ology, Photography: Patrick A. Wilson

  • Hey Sugar!


    When it comes to your wedding day, you will want to look your best from head to toe. But brides with sensitive skin may be a little more cautious about booking those spa appointments. Showing up with red or blotchy skin is every bride's worst nightmare. But thanks to Sugaring, brides with sensitive skin can rest easy.

    Sugaring is a natural form of hair removal. It consists of natural ingredients: sugar, lemon and water. The 100% natural mixture is heated to the body's natural temperature and removes hair in the direction of hair growth. This form of hair removal only needs about 7 days of hair growth. 

    Unlike waxing the sugar mixture only sticks to the hair, allowing for less breakage and easier hair removal. Since the mixture is soluble, you are able to clean off any residue with water which is much easier on the skin than regular wax which comes off with oil based removal.  Sugaring is a great alternative to waxing for those brides with sensitive skin; it is easier on the skin and contains only natural ingredients. Who doesn't like sugar?

    Are you located in Portland, Oregon? Make sure to check out Sugar Me- a natural sugaring studio. Their menu is amazing and well priced!


    Pictures via: 1, 2, 3

  • New and Blue on Eco-Beautiful Weddings

    Recently New and Blue was featured on Eco-Beautiful Weddings for our environmentally friendly Save the Dates and Invitations. We could not be more thrilled to be featured on such a wonderful blog. Lora and Mike purchased the New and Blue Laughter Invitation Suite including invitations, response cards, reception cards, direction cards and wedding programs. The entire suite was absolutely beautiful as well as her wedding. For more information and pictures make sure to check out the Eco-Beautiful Weddings blog post.


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